Honda CB175

Honda CB175

This 1971 Honda CB175 K5 is a recent addition to the garage having sat in someone else’s garage for 20 odd years until I came along. The ambition with this one will be to do a complete restoration to as close to a showroom look as time, money and skill will allow me to get. It’s not a bad place to start from, the engine runs, all the bits are there although a couple of non-standard changes will need to go and all the important stuff doesn’t appear to have seized up. So with luck it will just be a case of careful dismantling, sending bits off to be plated, blasted, painted etc. as appropriate then lots of tlc in the re-assembly. Of course things never go that smoothly and the first thing to go wrong was one of the float bowls doing a disintegration act when taken off. So if anyone has got a suitable replacement sitting in the parts bin please get in touch, in fact pretty much any CB175 bits could be of interest.

A few months on….

engine out

This has been going pretty well. Contrary to my expectations virtually all the bolts/nuts/crosshead screws have (so far) come undone with only minimal amounts of swearing. Getting the engine out the frame was a bit of a heave but once done a trip to the hardware store and a bit of recycling of an old kitchen cabinet door and I had it on an ad hoc engine stand.

engine stand

The frame has been further dismantled since I took the photo and the first bits have gone off for powder coating at Trestan in Southampton. Lots more to follow plus trips to the platers and so on but so far so good. I’m particularly pleased with my first look inside the engine. No sign of corrosion and it all looked in good condition so I’m hopeful I’ll be mainly cleaning it up and checking everything’s within spec rather than replacing bits wholesale.

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